How To Buy Carpet And Save Money
Author: Peter Tozer

How To Get The Best Price For Carpet

Carpet buying is a large-ticket purchase. Carpet specialist and consumer consultant, Peter Tozer, condenses over thirty years of hands-on experience to reveal the tips, techniques, insider secrets and strategies to paying less for carpet.

This book explains the basics of carpet production, selection and purchase while revealing how consumers can drastically reduce their carpet costs and put a stop to paying for over-priced carpet. 

Peter Tozer

Peter Tozer is a first-time author who lives in Somerset. 

With over 37 years experience in the wholesale and retail carpet and flooring industry he has helped thousands of consumers to buy carpet, advising them on all aspects of the process.

Peter is now an independent carpet consultant and quality claims inspector as well as an author of articles and books related to carpets and floor coverings.

Here are some of the things you will discover in

'How To Buy Carpet And Save Money'

•  Pay the lowest possible price for every carpet you buy

•  Discover 42 practical and proven money saving tips to shrink your buying costs

•  Recognise 13 sales tricks used by retailers to get at your cash

•  Protect yourself from dodgy dealers

•  Discover how carpet is made, sold and installed

•  Discover the best brands to avoid disappointment

•  Avoid the costly mistakes made by the majority of carpet buyers

•  Uncover how the carpet trade works and how it takes your money

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How To Buy Carpet And Save Money

How To Buy Carpet And Save Money 

Product Details

· Paperback: 162 pages

·  Illustrations: Colour

· Language: English

· Size:  8.5 x 11 inches (280 x 216 mm)

·  Book ISBN:  ISBN  978-0-9564965-1-5

Price £27.00

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