Hard And Fast ABS Workout

Firmer, Flatter ABS ... FAST!

Improve Appearance, Increase Muscle, Sculpt a Sexy Six-Pack For Men and Women. This DVD will help you to look sexy, get admiring glances and feel great!

Start creating your own amazing physical shape and help yourself to feel fitter, healthier and full of energy.

Combined with a healthy diet and plenty of determination you will get results.

This DVD is what YOU need to sculpt the six-pack you have always wanted!

Hard and Fast ABS Workout 

Hard and Fast ABS Workout is not just a series of exercises but is jam-packed full of essential information, advice and tips to help improve your mental, physical and nutritional being. A wealth of information to guide you by utilising a ‘holistic’ programme of improvement.

Hard and Fast ABS Workout is just what you need.

Buy it. Try it. Achieve it.

It's just for you - start getting that six pack NOW! 

Hard & Fast ABS Workout DVD

Product Details

· DVD: Colour PAL

· Running Time: Approx 1 Hour 15 mins

· Language: English

· Region:  2

Price £9.95
P&P £1.25

Special Offer Price: NOW £6.95

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