5 Top Money Saving Tips For Buying a New Carpet

Study These Top 5 Tips For Buying a New Carpet That Will Work a Treat For Anyone

 Peter Tozer - 4th July 2010  

Have you tried buying a new carpet only to find that some component of it is priced cheaper elsewhere?

Want to know how to save yourself wasting money?

There are three major price elements to a new carpet purchase:

1. The carpet.

2. The underlay.

3.  The fitting.

For instance: you've found a carpet you like, but you're not really comfortable with the overall price because the underlay sounds expensive, or the fitting charge seems over the top.

Why not consider splitting the transaction up and buy the individual elements separately, elsewhere - thereby saving some large chunks of cash.

This is what you do...

Tip 1.  The Carpet.

Shop around, offline or online, and locate the carpet you like and want to buy.

Tip 2.  Price Check.

Double check that the carpet you have chosen is the best price you can get by checking it out, offline or online.

Tip 3.  The Underlay.

Do the same with the underlay. Find the best price online for underlay. After all, this is a straightforward commodity purchase; the brands are all easily identifiable so it's easy to compare them offline or online. Make sure that the quality is suitable for the use it is intended for.

Tip 4.  The Fitter.

If the retailer is using sub-contract fitters the price will be calculated on the total square metres of carpet you have bought and will probably be un-negotiable. Ask for a better price anyway. If not, then have a look in the classified section of your local paper or try yellow pages for a carpet fitter. Phone them and get a competitive price. They will usually quote you a price per square meter. Make sure to ask what their minimum charge is, if any. If you find a fitter willing to do the job at a better price, ask them to give you some references which are local to you. Then check them out.

Tip 5.  The Order.

Now order the carpet and underlay separately, then book the fitter.

Next Comes The Physical Bit

The carpet will either be delivered to you by the retailer or they may expect you to collect it. If they want to make a charge for delivery then get your fitter to pick it up for you on the day of fitting. That way he does all the lifting, you don't have to store it and you've saved the delivery charge!

The underlay, if ordered online, will be delivered by carrier direct to you. If you order a foam chip underlay, then it will be easy for you to handle.

Take Action

Depending on how much you need to buy, just knowing these simple but effective Top Tips to buying a new carpet can save you hundreds of pounds.

All it takes is a little knowledge and then putting it into practice.

The simple truth is that taking action on the knowledge you glean is paramount.

Now, what are you going to buy with the money you've just saved?

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