100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning Author: Helen Tozer

New book to Reduce Stress and Calm Wedding Morning Nerves

Specialist bridal hairdresser, Helen Tozer, describes in bite-sized tips how to stay calm, relaxed and organised on one of the most exciting days of a brides life. Inspired by brides who thought they had thought of everything, this book is based on actual experience of over 150 wedding morning assignments.

Helen Tozer

Helen Tozer is a first-time author who lives in Somerset with her husband.  Her bridal hair styling specialty is based on her early salon training when long hair styles were popular. 

Apart from operating her bridal hairdressing business she also operates regular workshops for salon stylists; teaching them bridal styling techniques and long hair skills.

Here are some of the things you will discover in

'100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning'

  • 11 Tried and Tested ways to relax easily and remain calm
  • How to master the smaller details that most brides overlook 
  • How to Get your Wedding Morning timings down to a fine art
  • 9 Ways to Manage Your Hair and be prepared on the day
  • 18 Make-Up Tips to Look Gorgeous and save embarrassment
  • How to Organise Your Family, Bridesmaids and Yourself
  • 100 Bite Sized Tips to make Your Perfect Day a Success

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100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding 

100 Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding Morning 

Product Details

· Paperback: 57 pages

·  Illustrations: Colour

· Language: English

· Size:  5.5 x 8.5 inches (216 x 140 mm)

·  Book ISBN:  978-0-9564965-3-9 

Price £10.00

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